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Accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Enterprise Logistics is renowned for its excellence on air freight services.

By using efficient and strategic international connections, Enterprise Logistics has vast array of offices and gateways in the main airports in the world, covering any destination with promptness and efficiency offering a safe operation  for your air cargo. In this way presenting:

  • Weekly consolidated flights on 1st line airlines

  • Photographic Reports

  • Aircraft chartering for special loads

  • Transportation of dangerous goods

  • Flight chartering and project services: Chartering aircraft for special loads

  • Import and export operations

  • Step-by-step on demand information

  • Constant tracking of our cargoes from the moment of the collection, offering photographic reports and rechecking details such as the weight and the documentation.

  • Coordination of restricted cargoes according to regulations (ATA-DGR)

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